Fabulous Fascinators Book

A book by Kerry Aston

This detailed and beautifully photographed book will show you how to create 14 fabulous fascinators from scratch, from basic through to advanced. I talk about where I get my inspiration from, so that even if you make all 14 of the projects in the book, you’ll know how to come up with totally original designs yourself. Each project starts with a gorgeous photo of the fascinator being worn, and then lists the tools and materials you’ll need to make it. This is then followed by a complete set of step-by-step instructions, illustrated with detailed photos taken along the way. And finally, I show a handful of other similar-but-different fascinators, where i’ve just tweaked some of the methods, sizes or embellishments to give a fascinator with a very different feel.

Example pages from the book can be seen below.

To purchase the book please click on the link below; it will take you to the How2hats website where you can purchase the book online.


Fabulous Fascinators Book

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